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The Florida Information Sharing & Analysis Organization

Who We Are

Where We Work

Who We Are


The Florida ISAO, a non-profit organization is the "Center-of-Gravity" for Florida critical infrastructure cybersecurity information sharing and response.  The FL-ISAO is an authorized Information Sharing & Analysis Organization by the 2015 Presidential Executive Order 13691, and the 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

What We Do

Where We Work

Who We Are


24/7 Cybersecurity Situational Intelligence Information Sharing (Cyber Threat Indicators & Defensive Measures),  Intel Sightings  Network Technology, Advisory Reports, Alerts, Analysis, Coordinated Response, Analytics, Secure Communications and Control (Email, Text, Video, Document Sharing),  Discounted Security Services

Where We Work

Where We Work

Membership-Led Organization



The Florida ISAO is headquartered at the International Association of Certified ISAOs , IACI-CERT, Global Situational Awareness Center, Center for Space Education, NASA/ Kennedy Space Center, FL.

Membership-Led Organization

Membership-Led Organization

Membership-Led Organization


The Florida ISAO is private-sector led working in coordination and collaboration with government, representing  a strategic public- and private-sector  partnership advancing Florida's security  resilience.   

Best Practice & Education

Membership-Led Organization

Best Practice & Education


The Florida ISAO via a partnership with the Cybersecurity Experiential Education & Training ISAO helps organizations manage Cyber Risk, leveraging standards and best practice supported by workforce education.


Membership-Led Organization

Best Practice & Education


The Florida ISAO is a Member of the  International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) and leverages and connects to IACINet, the global threat intelligence & defensive measures information sharing  infrastructure .

Florida ISAO Leadership


Stacy Arruda, Exec. Director

Deborah Kobza, President

Deborah Kobza, President

Ms. Arruda directs the FL-ISAO's mission to enable cybersecurity resilience for the State of Florida by accelerating public- and private-sector cyber threat intelligence and defensive measures information sharing and coordinated response.  

Stacy has over 20  years of experience in Cyber and Counterintelligence, and is a subject- matter expert on the link between Social Media and data breaches. 

She recently retired from a 22-year career with the FBI in the field and FBI Headquarters.  

She is credited with drafting the FBI's electronic attack in the International arena and boosting the FBI's computer crime and cybersecurity investigative capabilities.  




Deborah Kobza, President

Deborah Kobza, President

Deborah Kobza, President

Mrs. Kobza serves as the President of the FL-ISAO, supporting  the Florida ISAO's Executive Director and the FL-ISAO's mission, goals and objectives.

Deborah also serves as President of the International Association of Certified Information Sharing & Analysis Organizations (IACI),  operationalizing and connecting ISAOs  nationally and globally within and across critical infrastructure sectors, sub-sectors, and other communities-of-interest. 

For 15+ years, she has led and supported public and private sector cybersecurity  collaborative initiatives  with US DHS; NIST,  Federal/ State Gov.

Supporting the health sector, Deborah was Founder and Former Executive Director of the National Health ISAC (NH-ISAC) 




Florida Cyber Resilience Council

Deborah Kobza, President

Florida Cyber Resilience Council

The Florida ISAO's Vision and Mission are:

Guided by the :

Florida Security  Resilience Council

Operationalized by:

Florida ISAO Executive Management

Supported by 

FL-ISAO  Participating Organization

The Florida Security Resilience Council    represents a unifying defining voice from 

Florida's Public- and Private Sector

(Critical  Infrastructure Owners & Operators, Government, Academia, 

and Other Communities-of-Interest

Advancing Security Resilience by

Accelerating  Information Sharing

The Florida ISAO

Enabling and Sustaining  Access to the Benefits Provided by a Coordinated and Collaborative Security Resilience Ecosystem.

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Florida Information Sharing & Analysis Organization

The Florida ISAO (FL-ISAO) is a Member of and Headquartered at the

 International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI),


Center for Space Education,  NASA/Kennedy Space Center, FL 

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, 405 Nasa Pkwy W, Titusville, Florida 32780, United States

Main: (321) 800-4558 Operations: (813) 951-0640

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